Independence School 8th grade curriculum


The Independence Missouri 8th Grade Curriculum outlines easy to apply lessons in a comprehensive and interactive format. The curriculum begins with the Pioneer Journal Project comprised of 18 slides. Next, the students can read an Authentic Wagon Trail Journal of 1853 from Indiana to California. Just as our volunteers filled out an Emigrant Survey the students will have an opportunity to print and fill their own Emigrant Survey.

The other dynamic slides comprise a series of mini-lessons including:

  • Why Go West?
  • Geography of Westward Expansion.
  • When Did the Trails Begin and End?
  • The Role of Independence in Westward Expansion.
  • Who Went West?

The last slide lead students to the “Pursuit of a Dream” site where they can watch clips from the 2008 documentary that followed a group of teenagers as they recreated part of the Oregon Trail experience.

For all titles visit – In Pursuit of a Dream

Learn more: Trail Diary from those who traveled the trails